Following are the characteristics of Vision:

1. Attainability: What is the possibility of achieving your vision within the available resources?

2. Lucidity: An articulation of the vision which explains the main idea in clear and unambiguous terms.

3. Concreteness: The number of quantifiable elements and degree of quantification in those elements.

4. Clarity: Clarity is defined as a vision having high lucidity and appropriate concreteness.

5. Complexity: How complex or simple is the main concept behind the vision?

6. Scale: The scale of your vision in terms of geography, time and depth.

7. Nobility: Nobility is the degree to which your vision touches the lives of people other than yourself for a greater good.

8. Loftiness: The minimum cost required for the success of the vision.

9.Greatness: What is the level of sacrifice that you are willing to make for your vision?

10. Correctness: The correctness of your vision is directly proportional to the soundness of your ideology.