There could be many benefits for practicing strategic management in organizations. However, empowerment is one of the best benefit that comes with strategic management in organization.

Empowerment can be defined as, increase employee effectiveness, confidence and contribution by increasing his/her authority in term of making decision or contribution in formulating strategies. Majority of organizations have realized the importance and benefits of empowerment. Therefore, they are decentralizing the strategic process in order to involve lower level managers and employees in planning. As the time passes, more and more organizations are moving from centralization to decentralization structure.

The worst thing a strategist could do is to develop the strategies and pass it to the line manager for execution. By involving line manager in strategies formulation makes him owner. Giving ownership to people involved in implementation is a key of success. However, strategic management does not guarantee success.

Although, strategies formulation are primary right of CEO, board of directors and middle management. However, taking operational manager and ground staff on board is a key for gaining commitment for changes that may arise during the implementation and evaluation phase.