The principals of conduct within organizations that guide decision making and behavior. It tells the different between “right & wrong”. Better strategic management is not possible without good business ethics; organizations having good ethics are doing good business!

Ethics related issues include but not limited to the following; product safety, sexual harassment,AIDS,smoking,political & religious talks,dress code,sharing confidential information outside organization and inappropriate gifts.

Following are the code of ethics and conducts of some major companies:

There are many ethical question arises after inclusion of Internet in workplace. However, in today’s world organization is dead in absence of Internet therefore it become a critical requirement for doing business.

Following are few examples for breaching business ethics:

1. Doing personal business at workplace.

2. Sending religious emails

3. Hacking someone network/system using workplace Internet facility.

4. Watch/downloading inappropriate contents.

In short, organization values, culture, policies, decisions and  reputation are based on business ethics.