Wal-Mart is the largest public corporation according to the Forbes Global, it has been running chain of stores and warehouses nationally and internationally.Wal-Mart has been providing the thousands of brands under one roof at low cost compared to its competitors.

• Wal-Mart has competitive advantage over its competitors because of the following core competencies.

• As promised in its slogan Wal-Mart has been providing products at lower prices, it is possible due to the low cost operations. Wal-Mart share the value of low cost with customers by selling the products at lower prices.

• Hard working, efficient and process oriented employees has been working with Wal-Mart.

• Better use of technology to directly connect with supplier and partners.

• Implemented Just-in-time inventory process to reduce the cost of managing inventory at Warehouses

In summary. Wal-Mart core competencies are employees,cost efficient processes and relationship with supplier and partners by using technology.