Core competencies is the source of competitive advantage for organization by performing the processes in a way that make it different from other competitors. The core competencies of an organization can be innovation, human resource,technology,marketing,processes,relation with customers and partners and etc. Core competencies of organization are rare, valuable for customers and difficult to imitate by competitors.

Dell is one of the largest corporation that sells, manufacture and supports computer products and related hardware components. Dell has been doing well in the presence of strong competitors HP, IBM, Toshiba, Sony and Apple.It is worth to mention the core competencies of Dell Computer which make it strong and competitive in the IT industry.

Dell has been using the Internet as distribution channel, it has eliminated the dependency of dealers and retailer. Customer can place orders on Dell Website with specification and get their PC or laptop at their door steps. Directly taking orders from customer reduce the cost because no distributer and retailers are involved, reduce the cost of managing inventory by directly ordering the hardware from suppliers based on number of customer order placed.

Dell transfer value of low cost to customer by selling products at low price as compared to its competitors. Selling products at low cost by maintaining the quality has been the core competency of Dell. After sale support, marketing, relationship and partnership with suppliers and relationship with customers are other core competencies of Dell.