Core competencies of any Organization are the assets or expertise which are rare, difficult to imitate, unique and valuable for customers. In this article, I will cover the core competencies of an IT related Organization Apple Computers.
People love to buy the products of Apple despite of the high prices. The products Apple offers in the market are more valuable for the customer as compared to its prices due to the following reasons.

• Apple invests heavily in research and development to make its products different from others.

• Attractive design and simple usage attract people towards Apple Products.

• All the Apple products are based on latest technology.

• Apple Knows when and where to market its products.

• Innovative and domain expert human resource.

• When customer thinks about Apple the first things come in mind innovative and unique design.

•Apple always utilizes the opportunity available in the IT Industry.

• iPhone, Store, iPod and iPad has been doing well in terms customer acceptance, revenues and profits.

In summary, Apple products are unique so it’s difficult for competitors to imitate. Human resources are innovative and expert in different domain are rare in the market and latest use of technology, powerful architecture, attractive design, latest software’s and easy to use products are valuable and unique for the people.