Bankruptcy is a leading and innovative strategy that is used by most of the organizations to make them stable and effective one. This is a strategy used by various organizations in order to make it stable, effective and strong. Any organization if facing declines in sales and revenue, this strategy is thus applied in order to overcome any loss and to reverse the declining situation of the firm accordingly.

This is termed as a corporate level strategy with the help of which sales are cut down in order to overcome the losses faced by the firm and to make it strong enough to face any kind of future problems. This is thus termed as an effective and innovative strategy that helps in re designing and re structuring the financial position of any firm and it helps in making the firm strong enough to gain profits in the long run. [linkunit]Therefore this strategy is known as a long run strategy and it also take some time but the outcomes are the best one. Bankruptcy strategy allows the firm to overcome any losses and it allows the firm to ignore any kind of debt and to be the stable as well as effective one. It is assumed by most of the business people that by following this strategy, firms can face losses that will result in declining of the reputation of the firms. Whereas, this assumption is not correct. By following this strategy, a firm will suffer and will face some losses but in the end, it will be the effective and efficient one too. This is thus known as a strategy with the help of which stakeholders can reduce the sales as well as revenues in order to make their firms consistent. This practice is adopted in order to enjoy profits in the end and to minimize the risk of any further losses. Various technical decisions and tactics are being involved in this strategy that should be taken in to an account in order to make any firm strategically fit and strong.




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