Ford motors is one of the leading Vehicles manufacturer and prestigious brand in the automobile Industry.


•    It is the fourth large automaker in the world.

•    Ford has good market share in Europe.

•    Ford occupied seventh rank American based company in 2008 Fortune 500 list.

•    In 2008, Ford produced 5.532 million automobiles and employed about 213,000 employees at around 90 plants and

facilities worldwide.

•    Ford received initial quality survey award from J.D Power and Associates in year 2007.

•    One of the best known brand in the world.

•    The online Web site of ford attracts at least 11 million people annually.

•    Ford motors develop vehicles under several names.

•    Manufacturing facilities in more than 30 countries.

•    Ford motors sales better quality vehicles.

•    Good relations with employees by offering better work environment and competitive wages.

•    Ford supports racing teams which include NASCAR, Formula One and etc

•    39th on the Best Companies for Minorities List

•    Sell vehicles in majority of countries.

•    Ford always develop cars on standardized procedure.

•    Alliances with Suzuki and Isuzu Motor Companies

•    Technological Alliances with Toyota and Honda Motor Companies.


•    Ford sold the UK based Jaguar and Land Rover companies and brands to Tata Motors of India in March 2008.

•    The company sales are dropped in 2008 as compared to year 2007.

•    Ford fired number of employees due to outsourcing.

•     Firestone Tire recalls caused Stock Price to bear 14.70, Lowest in Years.

•    Due to the diversity factor, it might lose focus on some lines



•    Produce fuel efficient Cars in the upcoming years.

•    Produce Hybrid cars in upcoming years.

•    Invest on electric, hybrid and solar energy Vehicles.

•    They have a change to become more environment friendly company.

•    Enter into the Asian market.

•    Joint ventures with other major competitors to combat recession.

•    Initiate manufacturing operating in low cost countries.

•    Giving more charities



•    Rapid changes in fuel prices.

•    Government regulation outside US.

•    Long lasting recession in majority of countries.

•    Hard competition from other motor vehicle companies like Toyota, TATA motors and etc.

•    Variation in currency rates.

•    Threats of substitutes

•    Due to the recession ford face tough time to please its investors and employees.