SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis of Hyundai Motors Company. It was founded by Chung Ju-yung in December,1967. It has been operating in automotive industry and offering Automobiles, Cars, commercial and engines products to its worldwide customers. The financial statement of Hyundai motors shows strong revenue and profit in 2013 and also showing growth in 2014 as well.

Background of Hyundai Motors (Tabular)

Company Name

Hyundai Motors Company.


Automotive Industry

Founded on

December 1967

Founded By

Chung Ju-yung


Seoul, South Korea.

Area Served



Automobiles, Cars, commercial and engines.


$ 75.03 Billion (2013)

Profit Margin

$ 7.6 billion (2013)


58,000 approx. (2013)


· Bayerische Motoren Werke AG

· Chrysler Group LLC, Daimler AG

· Ford Motor Company

· General Motors Company

· Honda Motor Company,

· Nissan Motor

· Tata Motors, Ltd.

· Toyota Motor Corporation

· Volkswagen AG and many other automotive companies.

Background of Hyundai Motors (Image)


Hyundai Logo


SWOT Matrix (Tabular)



· Strong brand

· Growing brand

· Largest manufacturing facilities

· Serving worldwide

· Strong Revenues

· Strong profits

· Research and development

· Product recalls

· Shortage of spare parts

· Weak sales in Korea

· Production losses

· Low sales in Japan

· Limited car designs



· Develop fuel efficient cars

· Hybrid cars

· Provide training to dealers

· Boosting fuel efficiency

· Optimize production processes to minimize losses

· Launch electric cars

· Conflict between south and north Korea

· Exchange rates

· Inflation

· High Fuel prices

· Improvement in public transport

· Competition

SWOT Matrix (Image)



• Fastest growing automaker by brand.

• Strong research & development; it has established eight Research and Development centers in different part of the world.

• It has world largest automobile plant named “The Ulsan Plant” located in Korea.

• Hyundai vehicles are sold in 193 countries via 6000 dealers.

• It was ranked 8th in automotive brand ranking of 2013.

• Fastest growing company in automotive industry..

• Growth in Europe region sales.

• Strong revenues and profits in 2013.

• Hyundai’s brand value reaches $9 billion, ranking No. 43 in Interbrand’s 2013 Best 100 Global Brands

• Hyundai Motor to launch first electric car in 2016.


[large]• Low availability of spare parts due to unavailability of authorized dealers and distributors.

• Hyundai recalled cars on different occasions due to issues in seat belt and brakes.

• In 2013, the sales goes down by 4% in Korea.

• Production losses

• Lack of attractive car designs as compared to major competitors.

• Weak presence in Asia region.

• The sales are on lower side in Japan.


• Manufacture low price and fuel efficient cars for third world countries

• Enter into untapped markets.

• Joint ventures to open assembling plants.

• The fuel prices are increasing therefore; it’s the right time for Hyundai to start focusing on manufacturing Hybrid cars.

• It should launch its electric cars ahead of other competitor to get first move advantage.

• Provide training to dealers to improve customer services.

• Boosting fuel efficiency

• Increase production efficiency of manufacturing plants to increase global sales.


• Conflict between South and North Korea could impact the largest production facility of Hyundai Motors.

• Fierce competition in automobile industry.

• Unrest in Africa region.

• Raise in price of fuel might reduce the demand of Hyundai vehicles.

• Betterment in public transport infrastructure could decline the company sales.

• Fluctuations in currency exchange rate might negatively impact the company profit margin.