SWOT Analysis of Adidas operating in Apparel industry; Strengths,Weaknesses,Opportunities and Threats of Adidas.


1. It has high brand value among the consumer.

2. It has been sponsoring major sports events including Olympics and sports team.

3. Adidas products are available worldwide.

4. Producer of wide variety of products; sports footwear, Adidas,bags, shirts, watches, eyewear, and other sports and clothing related good.

5. Strong workforce

6. Customer retention ratio is high

7. Impactful marketing strategies attracting consumers to buy Adidas products.


1- The prices of products are high

2-  It has been serving limited segment

3- Cost structure of company is high


1- Market penetration in current markets

[large]2- Develop new products to attract new consumers segment.

3- Contribute to corporate social responsibility

4- Strong its market position in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh

5- Expand customer base

6- Merger and acquisitions


1- It has been facing strong competition from Nike and PUMA.

2- Demand of the products could decreased due to economy slow down in European countries.

3- Social and environmental concerns due to Human right violations and employment practices.

4- Macroeconomic risks due to change in consumer spending and confidence.

5- Technological and design changes.

6- Unrest political conditions.