British based International Mining and Metal Corporation Rio Tinto SWOT analysis; Strengths,Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats analysis:


Rio Tinto Strengths

1. Reputable corporation operating in Melbourne, Australia since 1873.

2. Manufacturer of first class products therefore, famous among people among the world.

3. Rio Tinto manufacture variety of products which includes copper, diamonds, coal, aluminum, uranium, iron ore, gold and also materials that are used in industry such as talc, salt, zircon, borates and titanium oxide.

4. According to public’s choice in March 2009, it’s considered as the forth largest mining company.

5. It has been serving worldwide.

6. Huge employees base approx 68,000.

7. Upward trend in revenues and profits.


Rio Tinto Weaknesses

1. Negative growth in revenue according to quarterly financial report of 2012.

2. Prices of Iron ore fell 20% result in the segment fall to 9% to 12.5 billion.

3. Incapable for facing risk regarding its country.


Rio Tinto Opportunities

1. India and China are growing segment.

[large]2.Coal has great demand all over the world.

3. It should divest the weak segments.

4. It should further invest in strong segment such as coal.

5. Address environmental concerns by contributing to society in the shape of donations,charity and other projects.


Rio Tinto Threats

1. Prices of copper and iron-ore are decreasing.

2. High expectation of investors on ROI.

3. Economy downfall may impact overall financial performance. 

4. Limited competitors however, could grab market share.

5. Environmental concerns

6. Rio Tinto could face natural disaster.

7. Financial crises in European countries