Gaming industry company Xbox SWOT Analysis; strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats analysis.

Xbox Strengths

• High definition technology introduction in DVD players made it second to none in this arena as well.

• The advanced versions introduced by Microsoft are not entirely new rather the extension of the previous one, which makes it easily executable and operational.

• Xbox prices are balanced as compared to similar products introduced by the competitors.

• The great innovation in online games as the players experienced such games for the first time as they are first of their kind with no inspiration from any other idea.

• It became number one gaming console.

• It has low price as compared to its competitors.

• Xbox has Strong graphics which makes it more attractive for consumers.

Xbox Weaknesses

• Sensitive and expensive hardware used in production of XBOX.

• Imbalance in flow of production.

• The competition of the Microsoft in gaming zone is direct with Nintendo owing to the similar intesity of customer base.

Xbox Opportunities

[large]• The new markets are being penetrated in this field.

• The over emphasized partnerships especially with the studios of Hollywood would prove good in a long run.

• Bundling  in untouched markets could gather the remarkable sales especially in the regions of Asia that is lacking such technologies.

Xbox Threats

• The European aggression because of the untrust that has taken roots because of the least innovation and monopoly of Microsoft PC’s.

• Low prices are being offered by its competitors for similar type of products.

• Microsoft has applied the similar hardware complication in the Xbox as that of its PC’s that could harm its popularity especially in the regions where customer care is not present.