SWOT analysis of UNUM which is an insurance company formed by the merger of Unum of Portland, Maine, and Provident Life and Accident Insurance Company of Chattanooga. Its headquarters is situated in Chattanooga, Tennessee


• Strong financial position in the market.

• High returns on investment.

• Huge and attractive business portfolio.

• Strong position in the industry as compared to its competitors.

• New product development. [sky]

• Strong domestic presence.

• Employed approx 10,000 employees in 38 cities of U.S.


• Low efficiency after lowering the cost of services.

• Weak international presence.

• Negative image due to some previous incidents.


• Untapped international markets.

• Raise in percentage of aged people in U.S. can increase company revenues.

• Market penetration in existing markets.

• Invest in research and development.

• Corporate social responsibility.


• Strong competition

• Increase in interest rates may impact the company financials.

• Change in economic conditions.

Entry of new players in the market.