Motorola solutions is a leading telecommunications equipment provider in America, that ranked 2nd largest amongst all Motorola divisions. Currently, it is headquartered in Schaumburg, Illinois. Motorola Solutions was formerly a division of Motorola Inc. which began operation as an independent unit in 2011. The company presently employs 23000 people from all over the world. The business specializes in provide wireless communications, barcode scanners, Computer systems, two-way radios and other electric equipment to customers around the world. The average revenue of Motorola Solutions for the year 2010 was $19.3 Billions and the assets were valued at $25.57 Billions.

Motorola Solution Strengths

WiMAX is one of the leading technologies on which the top companies are working nowadays. It is a powerful wireless network that uses microwaves, and transfers the data on very high speeds. Besides, it has a broader coverage than Wi-Fi. Soon it will be much demanded and the strongest point of Motorola solutions is that it has already travelled half-way in developing this technology.[sky]

It is still a widely demanded phone in the western countries and has thus a strong brand reputation. It has a strong R and D department and is equipped with the latest machines and gadgets.

Motorola Solutions Weaknesses

The most important problem that Motorola Solutions is facing is its declining position in the market. Its cellular devices lack the fashionable style that the new generations demand and also new competitors have entered the market that are selling cheaper and technologically advanced cellular items. This has therefore caused the cell phone market share of Motorola to decline.

Consequently, the company’s revenue has fallen and profits have minimized. This has caused a lack of investment for further development or expansion of the company. With all these weaknesses, the customers have withdrawn their concentration from Motorola and have begun searching for alternates.

Opportunities for Motorola Solutions

There are numerous opportunities for the growth of Motorola Solutions. First of all, the company can divide itself into different segments and concentrate much on the segment producing cellular devices.

It can diversify in to the research of nanotechnology that is going to be popular within a few years and since it is already working on the WiMAX technology, this will be a tremendous opportunity for them. Also the vast and virgin markets of Asia will be an opportunity for Motorola Solutions to grow.

Threats for Motorola Solutions

The greatest threat that any of the companies face, is from its competitors. Same is the case with Motorola Solutions. Its competitors, namely Nokia, Samsung and Ericson have been tremendously successful over the years, especially in selling cellular devices. Even now, diversification of any of the company in to nanotechnology or WiMAX can be a serious threat for Motorola Solutions.

Secondly, the Motorola ratings have been low since the time its demand fell. A further fall in its ratings might bring it out of the competition and make it an ordinary company. Also, economic recession in the world can cause a further decrease for Motorola Products. However, nowadays, the management team and staff are putting efforts to improve the company’s position.


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