In 1997, Yum Brands was founded which operates and licenses the restaurants across the world like KFC, pizza hut and wing street etc. The Yum brand company is headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, United state. Yum brands are considered to be the world’s largest fast food restaurant. David C Novak is the CEO and President of the yum brands that operates the company.

SWOT Analysis of Yum Brands!


• Yum brands have the loyal follow ship of the customer’s means that due to the strong recognition of the brand the customers are loyal for yum brands.

• The management team possessed by the yum brand is very much strong that leads the company to the better opportunities.

• The products and services that are produced and served by the company are of very good quality. [sky]

• Strong financial position is experienced by the company that leads the brand to the strong market shares.

• Yum brand products are unique and exceptional as compared to the competitors manufactured products.

• The diverse type of business is used means that the area of the business is expanded by the company as according to the facilities.

• For the strong brand name and recognition, the marketing campaigns are organized by the company.


• The factor of research and development is very weak in the company that leads as the weakness for the company.

• Some of the times the internal disputes come up between the employees of the company that results as mismanagement.

• The services provided to the customers by the company are not appropriate for the establishment.

• The supply chain of the brand to the customers is very weak.

• The economical crisis faced by the company or a brand is considered as the weakness as regarding the financial stability.

• There is no innovative material found in the yum brands as for the improvements.


• There are the opportunities to improve the financial position by increasing the money through debts.

• To explore the services of the online publications of the brand.

• To increase and expand the services and products of the brand that may leads the company to success.

• Acquire the services from the abroad and involving more markets in order to expand the business.

• Introducing new recipes to innovate the products and customers taste.


[large]• The competitors of the yum brands are the great threat in case to attain the loyalty of the customers.

• The technology used for the manufacturing of the goods and services is of cheaper quality.

• The price war is the threat because settling prices sometimes does not match the criteria for the cost that is required in production.

• Struggle in case of the maturing the products sometimes do not match the demands of the customers.

• The rise in the prices against the use of the product improvement is not acceptable by the customers.

• Economic stability in the national area is the issue for the stability of the brand.


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