The Marriott International Company is the worldwide operating company which is American based and has number of franchises of the hotels. The company is based on the industry of the hospitality and tourism.  The company was founded at Washington, D.C, and U.S in 1927 and is headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland, United States. The company is operated by the key people who are the chairman and vice chairman J. W. Bill and William. J. Shaw.   The company is providing its services all over the world and is engaged in producing the products and services of the hotels and resorts.

The Marriott International Strengths

• The company has very strong position in the market having the diversified and expanded business all over the world.

• The company is leading in the whole world market with the strong financial position because of the large number of debt.

• The Marriott International Company is providing the wide range of satisfied products and services to its customers.

• The company has developed strong position regarding the customers as with attaining the loyalty of those customers. [sky]

The Marriott International Weaknesses

• Due to the huge extended business the company is becoming weak in their management system as they are supposed to be pathetic in their performances.

• The company is facing the state of high debt as because if it’s stabling the position of the financial issues.

• The Marriott International Corporation is experiencing backwardness in the infrastructure in the field of information and technology (IT) management. 

• The company is declining its position in the market as in case of the shares because of the high ratio of debt the company is facing the instability in the market issues.

The Marriott International Opportunities

[large]• The company should try to merge the businesses and firms all over the world especially in the countries of Europe.

• The enhancement should be made by the company in order to grow its services in the market to grasp the customer’s loyalty.

• The various sorts of planning and strategies should be made by the supervisors of the company to acquire and purchase different assets that generate revenues.

• The company should take the steps in order to grow in the market as in the case by improving the direct marketing plans like in the case of advertisements.

The Marriott International Threats

• The risk in the political issues and the involvement of the government is the creating the risk for the company for the hotels that are operating in the foreign countries.

• As there are a lot of hotels in different areas of the world so there exists a high rate of substitution for the customers.

• The high rate of fluctuation is found in the prices in the market because of the high and intense competition because if the foreign operating hotels.

• Due to the unrestricted issuance and allowance of the various products the company suffers losses as compared to the competitors.   

• The factors, crisis and issues of the housing sector is the threat for the company.


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