Adidas corp. is largest retail company in the world; it is the 2nd largest company with respect to manufacture. Adidas is known for sports product but along with it also related with the cloths and wearing products, like bags, watches, shirts etc. the company is registered back in 1949 and its head quarter is located in Herzogenaurach (Germany).it is running on stock exchange, suppose an example by share of stake holders.


• As a sports retailer organization Adidas is one of the big sponsor company of different sports events, particularly in football events.

• Adidas have verity of products like shirts, shoes; bags etc and many of them are available on its own site.

• As it one of the largest company so there are many competitor worldwide like Nike which is famous on northern side of USA so it continuously improving its quality.

• In past Reebok and Salmon group were the biggest competitor of Adidas but now it is owned by Adidas.

• Adidas has announced eleven years deal of basketballs with NBA in 2006.

• Its income reached up to € 245 in the previous year.

• Due to mobile technology Adidas spread it advertisement easily and which make it better then the competitors.

• As Adidas is has partnership with MTV thus this make its image even better.


• One of the weak point of Adidas is that as it has quality product thus their prices are also very high it rang from 1 euro to 250 Euro per item

• Web booking of Adidas is very limited it is only offer in USA and some area in Europe thus rest of the world did not have this opportunity.

• Adidas stuff are not available to the customer directly therefore a lot of miss perception is created between the customer and seller, also the manufacture is not received to the whole sale dealer properly.

• Customer care centre of Adidas is not working properly there are also limited centre available to support customer thus Adidas face a lot of problems particularly in electronic market where its range is also limited.

• Most of the shoes manufacture by Adidas is of very low quality.


[large]• Due to the combine business project between Adidas and Stella McCarteny a famous English designer who promotes the brand name of Adidas to very high level, thus they support female group to take part in the event and wear branded kits of Adidas.

• Adidas is planning to covert its e market to the third thus it will make the distribution of products into the range of many customers.

• As playing games is very common in the age between 12 to m24 thus it can also produce good impression on the brand.


• As many of the products of Adidas are very expensive and everyone could not buy it, thus fraud can be done in many products by producing its copy and sells it at very low price.

• Some of the athletes have illegal activities and thus it can create bad impression on the brand name.

• As mobile technology is changing very rapidly so it is very hard to know whether it can be used as an effective way of advertising.

• It is fact that now a day’s Adidas has low preference than Nike among the user.