Distortion, retention & selective attention are some of the criteria due to which buying behavior is affected. Consumers depending on these criteria perceive wrong and false statements about the product or service that result in affected buying behavior. An important element due to which marketers can make their products unique, interesting and attractive so that consumers can easily get attracted to it is to deliver best quality at best time by best ways. This simple way can reduce distortion, retention & selective attention because consumers will get the best information at the best time. In marketing, information related to product or service plays a key role. If the information is provided at right time and by using right ways, then a consumer will never be distorted and he/she will pick the product or service depending on their need and demand.

[linkunit]At this point, marketers are also required to redesign their product cycle in order to make it beneficial for the consumers. One important area in order to reduce any misconception is to deliver the information related to product or service efficiently. Producing product by effective & efficient quality can reduce the impact of distortion, retention & selective attention too. If marketers are delivering right information about the product then consumers will definitely buy the product if it is according to their need and demand. Consumer behavior is purely dependant on the factors that make the product or service unique and effective. Thus, it is important for the marketers as well as manufacturers to make the product or service unique, effective and attractive. If the product or service is according to the consumer’s need and demand, then they will surely like to buy it and thus, consumer-buying behavior will not be affected.



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