Labeling, product labeling or Tagging in marketing means “any written or graphic on the packaging of a product or on an independent label.” It refers to any printed material, written or graphic that is present in the plaque, which normally accompanies the food, (or elsewhere) or is displayed near that category, with the purpose of promoting or selling that product. Labeled part of any simple labels attached to the product, or complex graphics, which are part of the package. In addition to the various functions performed by a label, is to help identify the product or brand. The label, in addition to simply saying the name of the product or brand, I can say many things like your date of production, the manufacturer, specifications, a mini-guide, etc and safety precautions and graphics used on multiple tags promote the product.

Transmission of Information

As mentioned above, the labels may contain useful information about the product, such as how to use, recycling, transport, handle, or sometimes how to get rid of it out. Besides this, the government and some other organs also require information on some food products, media and chemicals for the label of these serve the cause in particular.

Purpose of Labeling the product or Service


Without doubt, this is the fundamental purpose as labels are used to motivate potential customers to buy the product. Adequate communication through the use of visual and creative graphics, and sophisticated physical design, you can add to the particular cause.



Labeling or Tags that both consumers and providers – comfortable enough to identify the product at a glance if the provision, selection, use, etc.

Product Differentiation

Here the creativity lies in the hands of the designer, the more you put in the delicate feeling, think of the picture side, visually communicate well, the label or graphic can be a trademark symbol for the product that certainly distinguishes product in the league of its own, and even their competitors.

Mandatory Labeling

[linkunit]Mandatory labeling is the requirement for consumer products other ingredients of the components. purchase of moral and prevention of health problems like allergies are two things that are permitted by the labeling. It is mandatory in most developed countries and increasingly in developing countries, especially for foodstuffs. As for food and medicine, mandatory labeling has been a battleground between the major consumer advocates and businesses since the late 19 th century. In China, all clothing is labeled with the factory of origin, including telephone and fax numbers, although this information is not available to buyers outside of China, who see only a generic label made in China. Due to recent scandals involving misleading labeling, countries like the U.S. and Canada require most foods have a nutrition information table etiquette, table format and content must conform to strict guidelines.