Direct mail is actually a form of advertising, used by advertisers. Advertisers send printed ads, letters etc. to a large group of targeted consumers. These letters are mailed in bulk to reduce mailing cost; the main focus on target market mailing is done to get good response. Though it used in different situations, the method is usually limited to the advertisers’ imagination. New stores, fast food places, small niche shops use direct mail to advertise their products. However distribution of coupons also comes under direct mailing.

[linkunit]The foremost challenge for direct mail advertisers is that consumers usually throw away mail related with ads that is why direct mail marketers have started to use different techniques to make sure that the addressee opens their mail. To ensure that, marketers make the effort to make their mail look a little personal and special; others use target mailing, that is mailing ads to customers who are most likely to use the product. Most direct mail marketers have understood that their foremost challenge is to get the receiver to simply open and read the ad. One important point is that, “not all direct mail is mailed to a “large number” of people. One of the secrets is pinpoint targeting. Another is creating a good offer.”


Since the boom in technology, direct mail has entered the world of Internet, emails are now sent to large groups of consumers, and over the years direct mail has acquired a new name, ‘junk e-mail’. Many businesses advertise their products to other businesses, which is also known as B2B direct mail, this way marketers can target their message to the exact potential customer instead of wasting resources on those that are likely to be unresponsive to the ad.