Public relations or PR on the whole is part of management. It deals with managing the communication between the public/customer and the organization. “The main goal of a public relations department is to enhance a company’s reputation. Staff that work in public relations, or as it is commonly known ‘PR’ are skilled publicists. They are able to present a company or individual to the world in the best light. The role of a public relations department can be seen as a reputation protector.” Public relations is also known as ‘public information or customer relations’ when the department is seen within the company, such departments are used for assisting customers if they have any problem with the company or company’s products, this department requires candidates who are ever ready to help customers and have good personalities and patient demeanors. PR is required to provide the company constant feedback from its customers and help the business to attain complete potential. However PR is not used by business organizations alone, today PR is used by governments, politicians, movie stars etc.

Though there are many areas of PR, but the most known types are:

•    Crisis public relations

•    Product public relations

•    Financial public relations

Public relations officers are required to work under pressure; they must have the skill to handle bombardment of questions directed to them from the public and media. In any case that a company is under critical attack, the PR department should have the ability to take charge of the situation. The skill to dodge critical questions and turn around words to protect company or client reputation is also an essential quality in every PR officer.

Written By

Hannah Paul