Good product is not enough for business to be sold at good price. To generate sale in order to increase profit the product have to be communicated to the customer. This communication is known as “promotion” in marketing

Marketing communication program is known as promotion mix

1.    Advertising

2.    Personal Selling

3.    Sales Promotion

4.    Public relation

5.    Direct Mail

6.    Sponsorship


It’s a paid form for non personal communication of product or idea via the media i.e. newspaper, billboards, radio, Internet, television etc advertising is use to make the target audience aware about the product and persuade them to buy. The two basic aspect of advertising is message (what you want to convey to your target audience) and medium (how you will deliver your message to your target audience).it is good for customer awareness but can not give the answer of the entire customer question.

Personal Selling

It’s the oral communication with the potential buyers in order to make a good relationship with the potential buyers with the intention of making sale and it always end when an attempt to close the sale but personal selling become expensive when you have a lot of potential buyer.

Sales Promotion

It provides different incentives to the customer or to the distributor in order to increase the sale of the product. It’s beneficial for short term sales in long term to much incentives can damage the brand image and may customer get used to the promotions.

Public Relation

It’s basically the relation ship between public and the organization the relationship is built to ensure that the company or organization has good public image. The activities of public relation are to help out the customer to understand the organization and its products. It is conducted through the different media sources i.e. newspaper, billboards, radio, internet, television etc it’s the cheap way for reaching customer but the disadvantage is that you can not control that what people write to say about your product.

Direct Mail

Direct mail is the promotional method through which the company directly sends information in the form of email regarding their products and services. The email addresses are carefully selected from the database, let suppose you are offering the medicines than your audience will be doctors. Most of the time company sends the email to people without seeking their permission as a result person mark the email as Junk. This method is beneficial because it’s less time consuming and also having low cost factor.


It is often heard that the company sponsors the event which means that the company pays partial or full amount for the event such as seminars, exhibitions, Formula One and etc. The event attributes are associated with the sponsor company.