Advertising Specialty is known to be used for promotional and giveaway products to strengthen a company’s presence to reach to its specific target market. Nowadays companies are following the trend of exhibiting promotional items of some kind as this is the most cost effective way of advertising a product .The success of any ad depends if it’s being endorsed at the precise moment when a consumer needs/wants what its offered in that advertisement. All other forms of advertising is performed today, and gone tomorrow while the Advertising specialty is only seen as a permanent solution for keeping a business alive .The Advertising specialty represents the remarkable and equally cost effective way of advertising and thus, it helps the industry to continue to grow even more as the businesses apportion a higher profit of their advertising budget for this kind of promotion.

The specialty products are ordered through printing businesses that include each company’s logo, name and all important contact information. The most common specialty merchandise that is given to the prospective customers is clothing, bags, stationary items, coffee mugs, pens, key chains, caps etc.
As the advertising specialty is done at affordable prices, the most customized low priced specialty item is pen. Similar to any other specialty merchandise, the larger the quantity of a product, the lower will be the price per merchandise. The most convenient option for a business to use is a specialized pen to hand over to its prospective customer as they are easy to carry and commonly used. Any small business owner who wants to advertise locally can use the specialty pen as a giveaway that is customized with the company’s name and logo.

[large]The calendars are also a popular specialty item for advertisement since it’s meant to be kept for the whole year. This also signifies the importance of the company as an established display property in the minds of the target audience. Some businesses uses expensive items as specialty product such as clothing, this is also can be perceived as an incentive. For this purpose, the customized clothing is designed to be very attractive in order to create the desire for customers to purchase it. For instance, companies that allow   celebrities to endorse their product offer them to use one of their specialty clothing at award shows for promotional reasons.

Brand awareness is the main factor for using these promotional items. Other factors that influence marketers to use advertising specialty products are new product introduction, maintain public relations, internal incentive programs, safety and education purposes, customer referrals and marketing research.The promotional items are often used in politics to promote a candidate during elections or promoting any cause. The specialty items are also being used in nonprofit organization such as schools and charities for fund raising and awareness raising campaigns. For instance, thelivestrong wrist band used to promote cancer awareness programs and raise funds for cancer survivorship programs.

The advertising specialties are basically marketing tools that help a company to create brand awareness and sustainability. The prospective customers always appreciate the giveaway items and by adding a creative customer message will be beneficial both for the company and customers.