As we know that the technology has been changed, due to this change the organization is moved towards the online system and provide the facility to the user that they can take advantage and avail the products or services from the internet. Click only refers to those companies which provide their services through website only, for this purpose they have their own websites which make it easy for the user to take advantage of it. Although in the click only companies there is no physical store or place for the organization yet they are connected with the people and do their business. Some of the main examples of the one click companies are eBay, Amazon etc which perform the trade through the online system only without have any physical contact.

Advantages of Click Only Companies

There are a lot of advantages and benefits of the one click companies for both the customers as well as for the organizations. The customer can get the product and avail different services while sitting in their homes. They also have access to verity of qualities along with this they also enjoy the cost of the product as most of such companies have very good prices for their products as compare to different physical stores. Most of the companies also provide the facilities of replacing the products if the customer is not satisfied from the products or from the quality of the products. From the company side they also have more advantages from being online, this all happened because of the technology improvement and social media services as most of the people are not enjoying such platform and there are billions of user of the internet which provide the facilities that most of the people not aware of different products and about the feature for the companies they have the opportunity to catch the attention of most customer which can possible change the productivity and the revenue generating by such organization. [large]

In addition to these the customer also enjoy the direct dealing with the companies facilitate them the easy access to the product with good and reasonable prices, as in most of the product there is no third party involved in the process.

As most of the organization knows the importance of the one click companies they are also moving to enjoy the it along with the physical store and offer different products also through the online system such organization is known as click and motor companies.


As most of the people do not have sufficient time in order to go to the market and buy some things. For such people the one click campiness play a vital role as it not only save their time but they can also enjoy verity of product for which they must have to visit different store and some time still it is very hard for them to get such products which have maximum satisfaction for them. Thus the one click companies one of the best developments of the modern technologies and has good effects of the life of many people by making their easy and relaxes.


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