For every successful business there are a lot of factor involved which make it possible for the organization to move in the direction of success. One of the main things is advertising of the organization and its product. The main purposes of the advertising are to gain maximum attention of from the customer side. The advertising makes it easy for the organization to clarify its view to the customer and define their strategies to them. It is basically convey t\the message from the company about the specific product. As in the product the main and broader feature of the products is highlighted for the people, due to this reason it gain maximum satisfaction as the people are aware about their requirements either it is fulfill from the product or not.

Objectives of the Advertising

There are basically three main and important objectives of the advertising they are; inform, remind, convince or persuade. The objectives of the advertising is explained as follow:


In advertising any this information is the key part. Almost in every advertising some information is given about the new product in the market or some kind of service which were not present before or some time some useful improvement has been done in the previous version for the user satisfaction all so such information is highlighted for the user to gain their attention, along with this some information about the company is also provided for the customer. It is very important as some companies become the brand name and if certain type of other improvement is done or new products is being introduce they may the customer have clear image about the organization and their products.


[large]One of the other objective of the advertising is the remind, as there are a lot of companies having verity of products some of which have the same feature and functionality as the competitor have, still there are some sort of difference and most of the people is found of some companies. Thus the advertising of the product remind the people about the establishment of the organization that it still working for the benefits of the people. It also define that it has certain advantages over its compotators. Thus the customer is engage with the organization and enjoying different food features of the products and the companies. 


One of the main themes of the advertising is the persuading and motivation of the customer to come to the organization and enjoy the feature provided by the organization. Such type of activities play a key role in the marketing and selling of the organization and thus in this way the revenue generated by the organization is too high if the customer has good experience of the past with the product or services provided by the organization.


Advertising and its objective play a very important and main role in the success of the companies, as customer is the very important factor in every sort of business and through the advertising more customers is going to generated for the companies along with this they can be move towards the product and thus the selling could be possibly increased.


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