One of the latest and more useful strategies used in the business area is the triangular Ohmae of 3 C’s model. It was Kenichi Ohmae who develops the strategy, the main focus of this strategy on the stakeholders for all sort of business. Ohmae was one of the most famous Japanese gurus and he wrote many books on such strategies which helps most of the organization by improving its position. due to its success and it is used worldwide now a day, through this strategy the organization have improve it productivity and a lot of improvement has been seen in the revenue of the organization. In the 3 C’s model includes the main stockholder like; the competitors, corporation and customers all of which play a vital role in the development of the organization.


For every sort of business the customer play a key role in the success, without the satisfaction of the customer no companies can survive. Thus it is very important to satisfy the customer and provide such product which increases in their satisfaction as is according to the needs of the customer, in this way more and more customer will pay attention towards the product and can make the organization successful. In addition to this if the customers are satisfied this means the productivity level of the organization will increase and in this way the organization can achieve its goal and objective easily.


[large]Before starting any business they need a platform from where they start their business. Corporation is the place from where the entire process of the organization is run. In corporation, different people work together for achieving the same goal and objective of the organization. Different people of the organization have different skills, yet all of them have the same desire and potential toward the success of the organization and work according to the task given to them. For the success of the organization the corporation plays a vital role. The corporation has well and clear massage for their employee and according to that the entire organization works, each and every person has the specific and desire task which he is going to perform and which helps them to gain the goal.


One of the other main factor the 3 C’s models is competitor. The organization must have to see their competitor in the market which supplies the same product. It is strongly recommended for the organization to have the best quality of the product and remove all its weakness in this way they can overcome in the market and can establish themselves against their competitors. They must have to view on the quality as well as in the cost of the products which can highly effect the growth of the organization.


The 3C’s Ohmae is one of the best models and that is the reason that it is highly appreciated by most of the organization. The main focus of the 3 C’s model is on the main stack holder of the organization that is the key point of the success of the organization. By fulfilling the criteria of all the stakeholders it is easy for the organization to get success and achieve its goals in the easiest way.  


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