Service inseparability is considered as an important property that basically states that the services are produced and consumed at the same time period but cannot be separated from their providers or manufacturers. Providers can be a machine or people along with that it is also assumed that both the consumer as well as the provider equally affect the outcome of the service. As it means that services that are provided to the customers cannot be separated or dispatched from the service provider (Esther, 2005). The employees of the organizations become the part of the service if in a case that he performs such services. It is must that for the inseparability of the service there is the physical presence of the consumers. As there is a fact that services are produced and consumed in the same manner so in case of physical goods, they are manufactured and then distributed to various retailers and whole sellers which are consumed later on. But in the case of the services, they cannot be separated from the provider of the service so the service providers then become the part of the service.

It is mainly one of the most important characteristics of the service which is also be called as simultaneity and is specifically used in marketing terms in order to describe a key quality services that differentiate them from the goods or products. However it is very difficult for them to separate a service from the service provider, they are supposed to be inseparable.

Importance of Service Inseparability

[large]Service inseparability involves people, processes and physical evidence which are also a part of extended marketing mix and they all are unique in the marketing services. People have very differentiated role in the delivery of a service process in view of the fact that services are inseparable from the person who is providing it. As in case of a restaurant, food is important for the people but with that service has attained same importance, same are the cases with the banks and departmental stores. The process involved in the delivery of the service is very essential as it involves same sort of service that is provided repeatedly to the customers (Jeremy & Shaun, 2005). For example many of the companies have the facility of taking blue print which provides detailed delivery process. The concept of service inseparability that every customer is facilitated with the same services though it means that quality provided to the customers will remain the same as in the case of the customers. As in a case of salon, no two persons are with the same haircut but they will be treated with the same level of respect (Lovelock & Wirtz, 2011). 

Example of Service Inseparability

For example in case of a doctor when they provide their services to the patients but at the same time patient should also take part in all the process. Same like that patient should be there at the time of the surgery as who is going to be injected. In brief the doctor can only provide its services if there is any patient. 


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