In 1962, a public retailing company was started with the name of Wal-Mart whose founder was Sam Walton. This retailing company was headquartered in Bentonville, Arkansas, America. Wal-Mart has to be considered as second largest corporation operating in the world. The company is completely owned by Walton family and is operated by president and CEO Mike Duke. Wal-Mart is called to be the varieties of stores at low prices, it includes neighborhood markets, discount stores, membership warehousing club and Sam club’s etc. operations and services are provided all around world. They provide their services with very minimum delivery time and less shipping cost. The company uses different technology at different times to enhance the services and that appeals the customers because of the consumption at lesser time.

Statement of Marketing Goal

Values and goals of the Wal-Mart Corporation are considered to be the basic functions which are operated by their employees, those are stated as;
• To control the organizational work proper assistance is provided

• Offering packages related to discounts.

• Accurate guidance to the workers

• Employees evaluation at every step just because of smooth progress

Wal-Mart SWOT Analysis


• Wal-Mart is very much advantageous because of shipments because they deliver the goods at very cheaper cost and through effective routs.

• Their official website is more beneficial for them because it create more convenience for their customers.

• The main strength for Wal-Mart is that they are enjoying monopoly in the market.

• Strong brand nationally and internationally.

• Ranked No.1 in fortune 500 companies.

• Huge and competent employee base.

• It has been enjoying excellent revenues and income.


[large]• Minimum number of memberships are provided and allotted with selective criteria.

• Quantity sometimes varies just because to maintain their tagline of discounts.

• Mission statement is not defined till now as the business is becoming older.


• As like the business is successfully spread in Asia, there are many spaces to launch their products in European countries.

• Innovative technologies be established for the enhancements of the superstores.

• untapped marketing of Asia and middle east.

• Acquisition of major competitors.

• Market penetration in existing market.

• Partnership or acquisition of supplier to further reduce the cost of products to become more competent in the retail market.


• Rigidity of prices affects the company to maintain its position.

• Competitors are coming up with more advance technological techniques.

• Increasing price of fuel has direct impact on prices of products.