Company Introduction

Google, a multinational company was founded in January 1996 at Menlo Park, California which provides the services of searching and advertisements. Larry Page and Sergey Brin were the Co founders of Google with the headquarters in Mountain View, California. You tube, On2 Technologies, Ad Mob and Double Clicks etc are the companies acquired by Google. Google also did partnership with several companies namely NASA Ames Research Center, AOL, Microsoft Nokia and Ericsson.

Statement of the Marketing Goal

The marketing goal of Google is to enhance the surfers with the innovative results in minimum time with a goal to lead the web experience.

Google SWOT Analysis


• Google is known to be high ranking search engine in the world with a great speed that provides comfort.

• Its operational cost is very low with respect to the services and commodities provided by Google.

• News, directory, emails, groups are the services that are served to the people.

• Google provides comfort level to its customer from every country by providing the facility of 88 languages.

• You tube was acquired by the google which also affects positively in the publicity of search engine like google.


• Search engine like google provides references and outlines of the topic instead of whole text.

• Sometimes the results obtained by searching any topic are not 100% accurate which cause difficulty for users to select the correct one.

• Mostly the reason of survival of the google is on the basis of advertisements.

• There is no special strategy used for the contraction of the search engine.

• Google is not paying certain attention in enhancing the services and proficiency of search engine.


• Local merchants are to be welcomed for the advertisements of their limited searches.

• Try to involve with different search engines and acquire them so that it has more enhancements for its users.

• If the use of internet is increased then it causes direct increase in the searching of google site.

• Google has great opportunities to be more successful in future by adding new groups and different improved stuff.


• An enormous threat faced by google is the tough competition by Yahoo and MSN.

• Competitors are strong enough that because of their innovative idea, market shares of the Google declines gradually.

• Although Google tries to merge with different search engines but in doing so it may lose its own brand name.

• As the google is known to be the user friendly search engine but now gradually it loses that image because it decides to become portal.

Who are competitors?

Tough competitors faced by search engine like google are as follows


• Yahoo

• Bing

• AltaVista

Marketing Objectives for the Project

Marketing strategy maintain by google is to have a search engine with entirely fresh business model. The company has started from nothing but now it’s become possible for the company to face its tough competitors who actually leads the market namely AltaVista, Yahoo, Lycos and Excite.

Overall Objective

The search engine which has the possibility to access all type of text and is providing comfortable and trustworthy results which is not done by others and to minimize the problems that doesn’t provides satisfactory results that’s seen mostly in the search engines. Google is normally working on the concept of pay per click.

Strategic Objectives for Every Primary Objective

Innovative and quite uncertain model of the business is established by the google, and strategically maintains the business which gradually goes towards the success. The main strategy of the company is to contact with the local customers so have limited searches and the availability of text.

Target Market Segments

The researchers, students, businessmen and all type of people who are doing there work through surfing the net or are the computer/internet user are the targets of the Google.

Google Marketing Mix


Google is providing the products like mobile, desktop and online products. Through mobile, products can be accessed online from buzz, gmail, igoogle and orkut etc and by downloads sky map, you tube and sync etc. Desktop includes Desktop extension that consists of blogger web comment, gears and dashboard widgets for Mac etc. and Standalone applications served through google chrome, google notifier and google pinyin etc. Online goods can be accessed through web browser.[large]


The price of google depends upon the advertisements which google provided to its customers. Googles earning per day is estimated to be 5 cents per day which can be increased to $50 per day and it’s obvious that the discrimination between the prices is because of advertisements. Google also provides the credit facility to its well known customers.


The company expanded gradually at different places mainly in California but now google is involved in paying its services across the world.


Google is promoting its services by doing advertisements, banners and with the links to the other websites. It follows generally a direct and simple approach that mostly attracts the customers and proper discrimination between ads and search engine can be done.

Main strategies of Google

1. Market Penetration

Google is now expanding in different areas especially in American markets by following the penetration strategy and the customers are targeted by the advertisers in different geographical locations.

2. Market Development

Google search in present market is involved in changing the trends just because of the customers need. Google is now enhancing the features of the search engines to become more attractive for the customers.

3. Diversification Strategy

The diversification strategy of google is approached by launching the Adwords which is the new product for googles customers which attain the attention of many customers and is expanding in almost 144 countries.

Monitoring and Control

Google is controlling and monitoring through cost per click which actually calculates the discounts to maintain the position of AdWords and the feature of smart price decreases the number of clicks.


The companies’ total revenue was around US$ 29.321 billion in 2010 with the profits of about US$ 8.505 billion.


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