The basis of any team entirely depends on the structure of the team. Team building involves managers to prepare a guideline according to which every member is required to work. Ensuring effectiveness, mutual understanding, collaboration and ensuring that the members will work at their best in order to reach their desired goal are some of the main elements that should be highlighted while working in a team. It is the foremost responsibility of the team leader to ensure all these factors and work along. Team building is no doubt a challenging task that can only be accomplished if you are smart when working as a team. The efforts required for building a team starts from the very first day and last till the end.

Team leaders should keep these below mentioned things in mind and should try to avoid them if they want their team to be innovative and effective.[sky]

Ignoring the Main Aim

Team leaders while considering on all the other factors sometime do ignore the main elements. They should try to first focus on the main goal & vision.

Assessing Strengths & Weaknesses

Try to first find out what are your team’s strengths & weaknesses. Sometime it do happen that team leaders focus on every single aspect and ignore their own strengths and weaknesses.

Focus on Short Term Planning & Strategies

Focusing on short term planning & strategies will not take you to the higher ends. One should try to focus on long term planning & strategies.

Ignoring Progress

While working most of the leaders do ignore that they are responsible to evaluate and analyze the rate of progress.

Solving Problems Internally

Try to solve problems with the help of external consultants. If you will solve your own problems then the level of innovation and efficiency will decline and in the end your team and organization will suffer.

Team building is an important area that should never be neglected. Bad or poor team building will ultimately results in poor performance and in the end your organization will suffer. Try to be innovative, active, creative and efficient from the very first day in order to be the one who can lead his/her team effectively. No doubt, team building requires great efforts but it will take you to your desired goals too. So start building your team by innovative and defective ways in order to be the best one.



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