Highly organized and effective organizations are made not born. The touch of effectiveness is added by the motivation and dedication of team members, supervisors and the leaders. In order to have a well organized and stabled team, motivation, hard work, dedication and enthusiasm is required which is only possible when people working in a team mutually co-operate with each other and put their effort to generate potential outcomes. For any organization, effectiveness is the mandatory tool that should be there in order to have an effective result. Some main characteristics that should be there in any team are mentioned below:[sky]

1. Clear vision

2. Responsibilities should be properly defined to every individual

3. The expectation level should be well defined and maintained

4. Resources should be equally utilized

5. Respect for individual and team members should be there

6. Necessary and proper feedback should be taken from every member

7. Should try to manage and work in a productive and proper way

8. Goals should be achieved by following proper and effective strategies

[adsense1]In order to have an effective team, leaders are responsible to build or maintain an area where team members equally co-ordinate with each other, respect everyone in an appropriate manner and should try to give as much as they can in order to make their team the best one. Effectiveness of teams automatically leads towards betterment for an organization. Team processes & structural factors are the one that do affect the effectiveness of the teams. It is the foremost responsibility of the team leaders to ensure that everyone is working in an appropriate manner and are dedicated towards their work too. In order to analyze the effectiveness of the teams, team leaders should analyze and evaluate the team performance as well as outcomes of the team. These two areas are considered as an important one because with the help of this an organization can flourish and can generate effective outcomes too. Commitments, personal satisfaction, dedication and motivation are the elements by which one can easily measure the performance of any team. If commitment is strong enough, personal satisfaction will increase and it will lead towards the potential outcomes for an overall organization. Thus, effectiveness of teams can be easily measured by measuring overall scenario of an organization. Effectiveness of teams generally depends on the internal team environment. If people working in a team are motivated and are enthusiastic then the outcomes will be the fruitful one.


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