Contingency school of management refers to many possible ways to manage an organization. According to this approach, there is no single best way to manage an organization. Possibilities along with various activities are referred in order to gain the maximum outcomes. This theory particular deal with the best possible situation and it is further carried forward to generate maximum & potential outcomes. While considering this approach, managers first draw all the possible approaches and ways with the help of which they can manage their outcomes, then according to the experiences and results, outcomes are derived.

In this type of management, approaches are entirely different depending on the situation. For instance, approaches applied on teenagers working in a workplace will be entirely different from adults working in a well-settled and reputable environment. According to this theme, managers analyzed that approaches used in this kind of management depends on the situation. According to the managers, contingency theory is termed as the importance area with the help of which they can evaluate and can generate better outcomes.

[adsense1]Contingency theory depends on the situation and then move towards any result. If situation are positive then strategies applied are positive, if situation is complicated, technical strategies are then applied. As mentioned earlier, contingency theory entirely depends on the situation and work accordingly. Managing an organization is important. In order to deal with every kind of situation, strategies 7 techniques should be according to the situation. Contingency theory enables managers to deal with every kind of situation and generate specific outcomes with the help of which an organization can easily generate fruitful results. Managers do emphasis more on contingency theory and actively participate in this, as it requires quick decisions and quick responses. This theory is thus regarded as one of the most complicated theory because it needs quick attention and responses. Most of the organizations do assign a set of managers who are always ready to perform in any kind of situation. They are capable enough to act in any kind of situation and can apply various strategies too in order to generate efficient outcomes.

Managing organization depending on the current situation is no doubt a tough as well as a challenging task that can only be accomplished if proper strategies are applied at proper time. For this purpose, managers do need to be ready in order to act at any time and at any place. Main aim of contingency theory is to enable managers to deal in any kind of situation just to generate better and well effective outcomes to make their organization the best one.



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