The word management is commonly used in several different ways. For example, you can refer to people handed in providing guidance and direction of the organization or it can refer to the method by which organizational goals are obtained. But actually the word management is the process by which organizational goals are achieved by working with and through people through the efficient use of limited resources.

What are the functions of management?

The following are the four major functions of management.


Planning is the essence of human labor, because no aspect of our life can work without any planning. Similar is the case of an organization that requires comprehensive planning for success and prosperity. Planning involves setting goals and deciding how best to achieve them. Therefore specific strategies are established to achieve those goals and develop new plans to integrate and coordinate activities.The purpose of planning is that the organization is successful in the near future, as well as in the distant future.


Organizing is a management function that refers to the process of assigning tasks to various individuals or groups within the organization. Organization function helps answer questions such as which tasks to do, to carry out these tasks and what process is used to group these tasks, etc. So basically, the organization provides a mechanism to implement place plans that ultimately contributes to the over all success of the organization.


Principal refers to the process of guiding the activities of members of the organization in appropriate directions to achieve the objectives of an organization. This function is also commonly known as motivation, influence, direction or action. The main purpose is to increase the overall productivity of an organization. Packed with communication with others, motivate members of the organization and promotion of the necessary levels of change and motivation.


Another important function of management is the control that was intended to regulate the activities of the organization’s actual results could be compared with the previously established objectives. [adsense]

Therefore the control function includes the monitoring of actual performance, compare actual performance for the expected standards and organizational goals and taking appropriate actions if necessary. The control is a continuous process that starts from the collection of information, making comparisons on the basis of this information and then find new ways to improve production.

What are the management skills?

According to Katz, there are three main types of management skills necessary for successful performance management. These skills are presented and explained below.

Technical Skills

Technical skills refer to the ability to apply the expertise and experience to work related techniques. Examples of these skills are manufacturing, engineering, computing, accounting, etc. This type of skills are needed at the lower level of management by managers at this level has to do directly with employees who work in an organization.

Human Skills

[large]Human skills refer to the ability to work well with others and encourage cooperation within the team was. Such a skill is important in all levels of management because effective managers with human capabilities are able to communicate effectively with others to motivate them to achieve the objectives of the organization.

Conceptual Skills

Skills related to the ability to visualize the organization as a whole and understand how the organization fits into the broader context of the industry. This type of competition is very important level of organization, which helps senior managers to guide the organization as a whole. A manger with conceptual skills includes various functions of the organization, as we know how changes in one part of the organization affects the rest of the organization.