Group Decision Making

The term group decision making is used when a decision regarding any particular issue or problem, is taken with the cooperation of two or more than two persons with their mutual understanding. In group decision making, there is a leader involved, who judged, summarize and finalize the opinion given by all the members/entities involved in taking the decision and come up on the conclusion.

Process of Group Decision Making

Following are the most ethical and smart approach to make group decision, which are followed by the team leader or facilitator.

1.After finalizing the people which are going to be involved in taking decision, the facilitator take brief introduction of everyone.

2.He provides everyone with a blank page, and allows them to give their suggestions on the topic, but silently. All of them jot down their own decision, what they think is right, in this step.

3.Then he uses a “round robin approach”, in which he collects one opinion from each and every member, but he doesn’t discus those opinions. After collecting, he writes down all of these opinions on a white board or flip chart or whatever available at the spot. After that he asks everyone for their next opinion and jot down that as well. By doing that, he record everyone’s opinions.

4.Then he starts discussing all the ideas step by step. He asks everyone the questions, interpretations and suggestions regarding the idea which is discussed. At this stage its better for him to rate all the ideas, with the mutual understand of all the participants.

5.Once again, he allows everyone to write their suggestions regarding the ideas discussed previously (some may suggest only one idea, or some may suggest more than one, or may be many). Then he records all the ideas and start analyzing the result. Now he comes to the conclusion, that which idea or ideas are highly appreciated or suggested by the entities.

6.Finally, he asks everyone to rate the final ideas (from 0 to 10). He, then, collects all the results and personally calculates those ratings. And come to the conclusion, that what are the priorities of his/her entities among the ideas.

7. Ultimately, he come up with the most prioritized idea, and considers it as a final decision.

[adsense1]There is certain consideration regarding this process. Like if you have a large group (more than 12 people), then you can split that group in to two sub-groups and follow the same above mentioned process for both the groups. That’s because the more big group you deal with at a time, the more you get confused while taking decision. That would also be time consuming as well.

Above are the simple steps of group decision making. There are certain pros and cons of this process as well. The most important pros of this process is that, by making group decision, you can have ideas of different minds, that would be productive any many of the time innovative for yourself. And cons could be that, you may ignore the best idea, which you are going to take by yourself, for considering the ideas of other member involved.