When you look around, you will find hospitals, schools, colleges, stores and sport teams these are the examples of Organization. The people in the role of CEO, managers, labors and others are working in Organizations  are called employees. The entity to be called as Organization must have these three characteristics purpose, people and structure.

Characteristics of Organization


The purpose of Organization should be clearly stated in terms of Goals.Organization without a purpose is like a boat lost in a sea.


People are individuals who are working at different designation in the Organization to achieve the goals.


Employees working in the Organization are arranged in a structure to get better outcome in terms of goal achievements.The structure of the Organization can be flexible where role and job responsibility changes time to time according to the situation or Organization structure can be hierarchal in which policies, job responsibilities, designation and authorities are clearly defined.

Organization Definition

Organization can be defined as the entity with unique purpose in the form of goals, involved people working in a arranged structure to achieve the goals.

Why Organization are Changing?

Organization are changing because the world is changing such as external environment which includes Government regulations, Technology, legal and social issues, competition, globalization, economies and etc. Organization need to adopt the changes to run in parallel with the world.