We can define Management as solving problem creatively.  Problem can be solved creatively via four functions of management: planning, organizing, leading and controlling. Organization resources should be used in a way to accomplish organizational goal or mission.

Four Function of Management

The management is based upon for main functions which includes Planning, Organizing, Leading and Controlling. Each function play vital role to consolidate the management in the Organization.


It is the process in which we develop the business mission and objectives and determine how it will be achieved or accomplished. Planning can be in the broadest view of the organization, for example organization mission, and can be in the narrowest, for example a tactic for achieving a specific goal.


It is the organizational internal structure for which manager is responsible, organizing the employees and the resources of the organization or company. The focus of manager should be on division, how employees should coordinate what we call coordination, control of tasks and who should report to whom what we call flow of information within the organization.


Many people are confused in managing and leading they think both are same. A manager manages employees and in leading leader is responsible to make sure that the task are accomplished or completed on the time and the polices of organization are following by the employee. Leader is a person motivate, council, instruct employees and guide them to help achieve or accomplish the organization goal.


Is the process which insures that the work is done in the desired way and evaluate that the plans are properly executed or implemented and if the plan is not executed in the desired way then corrective action should be taken in short it the process that the right things should happen, in the right ways, and at the right time.