Projectized organizational structure offers flexibility in the arrangements of resources.In projectized organization, the whole company is organized by projects rather than functional teams or departments. Since this structure promotes the projects work over departmental work thus, project manager has the ownership and authority. The project team member work under the project manager and dedicated for only project related activities.

Team members working in projectized environment have “ no home “ which means on completion of one project they will be realized and assigned to another project. The project manager and team members for new project could be the same or different.

Advantages of Projectized Organizational Structure

• Team members are more focused on project work.[sky]

• Team members become flexible as most of the time they will be working with different project manager and team members.

• Less time consumed in communication as information stays within the project.

• Team members reports to project manager.

• Project manager has complete ownership and authority over the project and its resources.

• The turn around time of resolving issues take less time.

• Team members are loyal to project.

• Efficient team organization.

Disadvantages of Projectized Organizational Structure

• Project manager should have domain related knowledge (e.g. Technical Knowledge).

• Team members are jack of all and kind of one.

• Team members have “no home”

• Duplication of roles and responsibilities.

• Less utilization of resources as they are completely dedicated to project.