One of the best models for business developed by Kenichi Ohmae is the Ohmae 3C’s Model. The Ohmae 3C’s model focuses on such factors which are required and needed for the success of the business in the organization. There are three main and key factors in this model and a triangular strategy is established for this model. The key factors are:

1. Corporation

2. Customers

3. Competitors

Ohmae slot these 3 C’s in a strategic triangle and in this way maximum advantages can be take for the success of the business.


The first factor in the Ohmae 3 C’s model is the corporation. As without the corporation of firm no business can run. For any business the platform and the corporation is needed. There are different strategies which can help the corporation to perform well and can achieve the desire goal and objective of the organization or it can be said that the success of the organization can be made possible. Without the basic platform it is very hard for the business to run effectively and run in the direction of the success. In the 3C’s model, the corporation should keep in mind the entire situation and does not focus on just one function, as through the whole efforts can make the success possible if there is lack in one function it may affect the business in the long term strategies. Along with this the corporation must also have strong point of view in the increasing the salary of the employee with respect to the competitors, such type of arrangements can help the organization to improve its productivity and can get success (Kenichi, 1991).

One of the other responsibility of the corporation is to make such strategies which are cost effective for both i.e. the organization as well as for the customer to afford and handled.


[large]According to the Ohmae 3C’s model of Ohmae the client is consider as the key factor. This means that the main focus is on the customer not on the share holder as it is the customer who can improve the performance of the organization and can cause the failure of the organization if the customer are not satisfied this means the product or services of the organization is not running properly and in this way the image of the organization goes down, on the other hand if the customer is happy and satisfy from the services of the organization this means that the organization is running properly and in this way the success and the goals of the  organization can be achieved.

Competitors Base Strategies

The third base of the Ohmae 3C’s models are the competitors. And such strategies are developed so that the company could face the challenges of the competitors present in the market. There are different things involved in these strategies like the price of the product, designing of the product, the services provided by the organization etc. providing a good quality product and services show the strength of the organization and thus it built the image of the organization in the market. For the cost of the product different factor should be keep in mind and according to that the price of the product should be maintained.


Kenichi Ohmae, (1991). The Mind Of The Strategist: The Art of Japanese Business, McGraw-Hill.