Project management is growing field now a days as the corporations, firms and company’s have been aiming to meet the organizational objectives by initiating,planning, executing, planning & controlling and closing of projects

If you are interested in project management domain then go through the below title and choose your project topics which attracts you most.

  1. Impact of project changes on triple constraints of project management[sky]
  2. Cost benefit analysis for projects
  3. Parameters to identify relevancy between projects
  4. Qualitative risk management
  5. Best project costing methods
  6. Impact of issues on triple constraints
  7. Stakeholders influence on project success
  8. Impact of stakeholders on triple constraints
  9. Best methods of stakeholders analysis
  10. Team motivation techniques
  11. Agile team motivation
  12. Project selection framework
  13. Management by objectives
  14. Strategic planning for projects
  15. Management by objectives
  16. Model/Framework for WBS (Work Breakdown structure)
  17. Requirement gathering techniques
  18. Best templates/methods for requirement gathering
  19. Progressive elaboration for planning and requirement gathering
  20. Impact of organizational structure on projects
  21. Communication planning for multi-country projects
  22. Performance evaluation for projectized organization
  23. Performance evaluation methods for project managers
  24. Benefits of risk management on projects
  25. Best approaches for high level planning
  26. Project effort estimation tools and techniques
  27. Project effort estimation using COCOMO
  28. Project effort estimation using function point analysis
  29. Expert judgment in project effort estimation
  30. Impact of work environment on project management triple constraints