We students are always asked to read and write a business success story, but some of our supervisors may themselves don’t know about the reason, why they want us to read and write business success story?  That is the only question which arouses in every business administration student mind, sometimes some students (who are concerned about their time and the knowledge gained in that time) dare to ask supervisor about the task assigned reason?  But they fails to answer their student, we are going to discuss the same topic which student want to know let’s start with small business success story it’s important to read and write the small business success story because a business student who want to open and administer a small business, how he/she should make that business successful? what are the strategies which is used by small successful business? What are the tactics to achieve those strategies? What are the threats associated with business? What are the Strategies to cope up with the threats? What steps should be taken when competitor make smart move in business? What alternative strategies are there if one fails? The entire concepts which business administration student study and every course which is the part of business administration degree are the steps taken by successful business for success and same things goes with the giant business I think it would little bit confusing to make a strong understanding of the topic without an example giant businesses introduced the new infrastructure of the organization by introducing MIS (management information system), decision support system etc which can be only used by giant companies and organization who are operating in different countries and different cities to integrate all the data of the operation MIS (Management information  system is used and TPS Transaction processing  system helps  in processing the data and through MIS data and some external data DSS warehouse is formed and which helps the high level manager to take strategic decision its basically supports the decision and both steps are  made by the organization for success and that both the concepts are part of business administration program in the shape of courses justification should go on and on to more elaborate the concept now let’s take an example of the companies which is familiar to everyone P&G estimated that was saved by the retailer   was 65 million they realized that the joint plan of supplier, manufacturer and retailer can reduce the cost of product and increase the profit level for every stakeholder  that’s is also the part of business administration program as a subject supply chain management so that is why business success stories is important to read and write, write in a sense conduct a small survey on any business  function may be you people can be the future business administration books author and can be facilitator.

Written by  Khushdil Khan Kasi