The ability to share our vision with others and the ability to inspire others to pursue the shared vision. The ability to share our vision with others can be summarized as the ability to influence and the key element behind the ability to inspire others to pursue the shared vision is a character worthy of the vision.

According to the above definition, leadership is a basic survival skill and begins from day one when an infant exercises his innate ability to convince his caregivers of giving him what he wants, whether it is nursing or changing his diapers. As the child grows, this skill progressively improves through education and various learning experiences.
As we continue in life we find ourselves in a continual process of sharing our visions with others whether it is at our work, our home or our social circle. When an adolescent tries to convince us to accept his vision of the very near future of having entertainment through a particular video game, he is exercising his leadership skills.

[linkunit]When we convince our children to aspire for a particular choice of an academic field, then we set out to encourage them to continue and provide them with means, we are practicing our skills of leadership.

Leadership, like swimming, is a skill. And just as some people swim better than others, some are better leaders than others. Just like one can improve his swimming, leadership can also be improved and enhanced.

I believe that leadership can be enhanced and improved through:

Study: there is a wealth of written material on the subject. We can also learn by reading the biographies of great leaders.

Associating with leaders: by associating with people with heightened leadership skills, we learn through example.

• Practice