An interview is the procedure used by employer to obtain information from a person who is interviewed. Interview is a tool that is widely used as a selection tool because it is more reliable method and consumes less amount of time. Some employer are not agree that interview is the best selection tool but several survey results shows that about 99% of the employers used interview as a selection tool.

The other types of interviews which are conducted in the organization are performance appraisal interview and exit interview. In performance appraisal interview employer or immediate boss share and discuss the performance results with employee and tell him or her strength and weaknesses. Whenever employee leaves the organization for any XYZ reasons then HR department conducts an exit interview. The purpose of an exit interview to get information from employee about the good and bad things about the job and firm.

It is quite often seen that most of the employer not conducted any test or neither looks for the reference check but decision of not conducting interview from employee seems very unusual. The employer claims that interview is not accurate may doing some mistake in conducting interview, better structure; contents and administration of interview plays an important role in the success of interview.