An orientation process involves pre orientation preparation and orientation program. 


In the pre orientation preparation Employee will be expected to bring their completed new-hire informational packages received either with their offer letter or upon their report-in processing. It would include different plans that when and how an orientation would be conducted.

Orientation will be conducted in the first week after joining of the accountant. It will be made sure that new hire knows the different policies of the organization and understand the long term strategic vision and mission of the organization. A meeting will be organized with his team where he will be given briefing about his roles and responsibilities.

Project Management

A project manager is very critical for Jamaica consultancy because Mr. Robinson wants to expand and a project manager will help us to understand the feasibility of new projects. His orientation process would include meeting with all the staff members who are critical for the project. He will be given different statistics and data by the employees about the position of the organization and its financials.

Business Research

A business research manager is also important for Jamaica consultancy because now the business has expansion prospects and a manger needs to be there to understand the business and market positions beforehand. A business research manager would be able to understand the opportunities that a common employee cannot see. Orientation process of business research manager would include the meetings with his coworkers. Co workers would help him to understand the culture of the organization, its future expectations and previous projects that the organization had done. Orientation should be conducted in the first week.


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