26. Packaging

The process where product is in finalizing stage that will lead towards the consumers.

27. Perception

Set of beliefs or thoughts made by consumers regarding any product or service.


Making a particular goal in the mind of marketer in order to reach at the perfect end.

29. Price Mix

The set of criteria where the prices are set depending on the needs and demands of the consumers.

30. Product Mix

Set of products that is offered by any company.

31. Profit

The gain on any activity done. The gain is referred as a positive gain that is a positive sign for the company or organization.

32. Publicity

A way of telling people about any product or service. It might be done by people or by any other source.

33. Risk

The likelihood of any loss. While doing any business, the probability of loosing the profit.

34. Target Market

Specific area where marketing activities are to be carried down.

35. Tag-line

Branding slogan used for various marketing activities or advertising.

36. Utility

Related to the measure of satisfaction. It is a term used in marketing where people relate it to the several goods and services.

37. Wholesale

Bulk buying at comparatively low cost.

38. Word-of-Mouth

Way of passing information from one person to another.

39. Vendor

A source who supply goods or services. It is also referred to supply chain management.

40. Viral Marketing

One of a marketing technique used in order to enhance the existing marketing in order to gain the better market share.

41. Target Audience

A group of people who are selected for marketing campaigns or advertising in order to evaluate the future outcomes.

42. Secondary Data

Data collected from any other sources apart from the users. For instance census, population etc.

43. ROI

Return on investment. The return that you get on your invested capital.

44. Push/Pull Strategy

Two kinds of marketing strategies used for the enhancements and betterment in the field of marketing.

45. Product Life Cycle

The life cycle made for each product in order to rectify its durability.

46. Penetration

When any company enters in a market with all the current products. It is one of the strategy used for the betterment of the products.


Force to encourage in order to do something unique and innovative.

48. Market Development

Developing the market by using various tools in order to gain potential outcomes.

49. Growth Strategy

Strategies used for the growth of a market or products. Growth is related to the future growth.


The intervals or no of times when anything occurs. In marketing, it is related to the frequency of advertisements.

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