Basic or elementary objects that make a person attracted towards any thing. The inner desire to buy something or inner attraction towards anything.


Desire or wish to have something. An inner desire to have something i.e. Due to some attraction.


Something that is desired by person. It is said that people have unlimited desires and they want everything according to their needs and demands.

4. Marketing Mix

Combination or price, distribution, product & promotion. Involves an overall decision based on marketing.

5.Consumer Behavior

The buying pattern of consumers that is affected by the product, promotion, distribution and many other reasons.

6. Communication

The ways with the help of which one can contact with others. In this, distributors, retailers & marketers keep in touch with the consumers.[sky]

7. Distribution

An element of marketing mix that involves the process of taking the product from the manufacturers to the retailers or consumers.


A way of communication in order to attract the consumers, viewers and persuade them in different ways to buy the product.


An individual likeness or dis-likeness towards a product

10. Brand

An identity of any product or service that distinguish it from others.

11. Brand equity

A degree that is linked to the marketing effects that is related to the brand.

12. Branding

Giving special identity to any product or service. The process is termed as branding.

13. Co-branding

Also termed as brand partnership. This means marketing arrangements done for any product or service.

14. Demographics

Related to the human population in order to evaluate the consumers.

15. E-marketing

Marketing done through internet or by using latest technology.

16. Integrated Marketing

Connection of all the marketing tools in order to generate a specific outcome.


Any rhyme that specify an ad or gives a special attention towards any advertisement.

18. Labeling

Giving a product or service a special name in order to differentiate easily.

19. Market

A place comprises of various products, services, consumers, retailer and distributors too. A place where goods and services are manufactured and then distributed to the consumers.

20. Marketing Plan

A written plan that depicts the whole idea of the marketer and the process that will lead towards the marketing of any product or service.

21. Marketing Research

A detailed research carried on in order to know about the needs, demands and value of any product or service.

22.  Market Share

A set or group representing an area related to the prodders / manufacturers of any good or services.

23. Marketing Strategy

Strategies implemented and carried forward for any good or service in order to gain the better end.


The person who is in between the manufacturer and the consumer. The person who is responsible to sell the product or service to the consumers.

25. Niche

A segment of a market in which only one product is being focused.

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