The damage, crime or loss in any field or perspective can be handled through security. The security is in fact a condition that implements certain structures and processes for the betterment and uplift of any project or business or a general societal setting. According the institute of security and Open Methodologies, security is in fact the separation line between assets and the threat being the form of protection, but the assets and threats are not restricted to elimination in this security argument. The studies that were conducted by the United Nations gave security the status of national condition in 1986.

The forms of security are different when being dealt in different fields or disciplines. When we talk about assurance, it’s actually the security for the projects, as certain advantages or the conditions are guaranteed in it and if the risks related to the projects are entirely blocked that it is a countermeasure of the security that indeed is a security form it self.
Security in a project

The security was primarily addressed differently for different department like that of physical prevention, fraud avoidance and IT security for a certain project that may be of any sort related to the business or development sector. But nowadays the term Holistic security is employed to check the hazards related to different departments of the security in term of management or otherwise. The technologies are submerged in this security system including digitization, physical control system networking and surveillance technologies for the development of digital videos.
The ISO 28000 security management system for the projects was introduced in 2007 by ISO was in fact involving the risk management specifying the standards needed for the security management in a project, business or the entrepreneur.


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