The economic policy is developed in every country to achieve some economic goals. Following are the main economic goals which are widely known in the world.

Economic Growth – Increase in the production of product and services to boost the economy and improve the living standards.

Full Employment – Opportunities should be available or created for the people of country who are willing and able to work.

Economic efficiency – Improve productivity by utilizing the resources in a better way, this approach will reduce the expense overhead of the product and services and allow the manufactures to sell their products at lower prices in the market.

Price- Level Stability – Variable up and down in the prices of goods and services reduce people trust on government. It is better to control the major upswings and downswings in the price level.

Equitable distribution of Income – Government have to ensure the proper distribution of income among people to lower the percentage of poverty level.

Economic Security – The people which are disable, chronically ill, laid off, aged or earning low income should be supported.

Balance of Trade – Overall balance in international trade with other countries and financial transactions.