A shot summary of Malthus Food Crisis:

Thomas Malthus (1766-1834) published An essay on the Principle of Population which was considered to be the most influential book of its era. Where Matlhus has its central point over the law of diminishing Returns. A law that States that Use of Additional Inputs while other being fixed will eventually decrease the output. Informally speaking what Malthus believed was that the worlds limited amount of land would not be enough to supply food as the population grows in future. He showed that both the Marginal Product and the Average Product will Fall and as a result there will be starvation.

What later happened was that there could have been starvation in future if only there were no technological improvement. People would have been using Subsistence living as they had before. But Malthus Statement could NOT be considered true because of factors like :

  • High Yeilding seeds
  • Disease resistant strains of seeds
  • Better Fertilizers
  • Harvesting Equipment


And other technological improvement brought about more profitability and opportunities in the agriculture growth. Further more, Green revolution brought great influence over the developing countries to overcome there low Agriculture production problems. Evidentially the world bank data shows a clear increase in productivity yet hunger remains a severe problem such as Shel Region of Africa, because of low productivity of labor that consequently leads to lower total food output. Additionally , what I feel the important factor is that of Distribution of Food resources to the rest of the countries. People are starving not because we don’t have enough food which Malthus Stated but because of no proper distribution of that food which is produced. Thus,  while some lay rich with consumer products and others remain starved….