Month: July 2013

Strategic Triangle Ohmae – 3C’s Model

One of the latest and more useful strategies used in the business area is the triangular Ohmae of 3 C’s model. It was Kenichi Ohmae who develops the strategy, the main focus of this strategy on the stakeholders for all sort of business. Ohmae was one of the most famous Japanese gurus and he wrote many books on such strategies which helps most of the organization by improving its position. due to its success and it is used worldwide now a day, through this strategy the organization have improve it productivity and a lot of improvement has been seen in the revenue of the organization. In the 3 C’s model includes the main stockholder like; the competitors, corporation and customers all of which play a vital role in the development of the organization. Customer For every sort of business the customer play a key role in the success, without the satisfaction of the customer no companies can survive. Thus it is very important to satisfy the customer and provide such product which increases in their satisfaction as is according to the needs of the customer, in this way more and more customer will pay attention towards the product and can make the organization successful. In addition to this if the customers are satisfied this means the productivity level of the organization will increase and in this way the organization...

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Salutary Product

There are a lot of products in the market for the benefits of the people, along with this many of the products fulfill the needs and requirements of the people and that is the reason that most of the people want to buy such products which can facilitate them in certain case. Salutary of useful products are those products which have the high benefits for its user and they also fulfill the criteria of satisfaction of the user. In addition to this the product has long term good effect of the person life. such product do not provide the satisfaction from the beginning and that is the reasons that in the first stage most of the people do not accept the product but such product have long time effects and thus its importance may not be ignored . example of such products are bag, air bags etc which do not have the benefits from the starting but if we see such products they have many advantages in the future if want to have a journey to some where the bags can help to carry the goods with us, similarly the air bags can be used to help the person in swimming, and in many other occasion like the air bags are used in the cars to protect the person if accident occur thus the life if the person can...

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What is Cultural Environment ?

Cultural environment is the activities of the human beings along with the relationship and with the environment they are living is called cultural environment. It is very important terminology at any aspect of the life, especially in the business sector. If a proper environment is provided to the employee in the organization the success of the organization is guaranteed. The proper and happy environment in the organization facilitates the employee to have communication with one another and thus their motivation towards the task is increased. That is the reason that is most of the organization they provide a good environmental structure and establish the culture environment to the employees. Some of the main things includes in the cultural environment are; the education, the people living in the surrounding, the way of life they are living and the events they celebrating. For countries of for the organization the culture has the same importance as the economy has, without any of them there will be certain failure in the sector and dissatisfaction will be raise in the area. Benefits [large]There are many advantages of the cultural environment, through the culture environment the people sharing their views with one another and thus proper solution of the problem can be ensure and make possible. As most of the people live together thus they may need different things which can be fulfill by adopting...

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