Month: September 2012

Why Success Stories of Business are Important ?

We students are always asked to read and write a business success story, but some of our supervisors may themselves don’t know about the reason, why they want us to read and write business success story?  That is the only question which arouses in every business administration student mind, sometimes some students (who are concerned about their time and the knowledge gained in that time) dare to ask supervisor about the task assigned reason?  But they fails to answer their student, we are going to discuss the same topic which student want to know let’s start with small business success story it’s important to read and write the small business success story because a business student who want to open and administer a small business, how he/she should make that business successful? what are the strategies which is used by small successful business? What are the tactics to achieve those strategies? What are the threats associated with business? What are the Strategies to cope up with the threats? What steps should be taken when competitor make smart move in business? What alternative strategies are there if one fails? The entire concepts which business administration student study and every course which is the part of business administration degree are the steps taken by successful business for success and same things goes with the giant business I think it would little...

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Porter’s Five Forces Model of Google

Google is among those few business names which are popular like among public without concerns of their demographics and geographies. Everybody is well aware of what Google is, and the basic functions that it provides to the users. Google is a very well-known search engine that provides the biggest platform for all the websites to get searched by the people who need them. Porter’s five forces model would tell us about the major forces that play part in making business successful or unsuccessful (Michael, 2008).   Google has now become a very big organization and people from all over the world are part of this organization and thus it faces different challenges from the environment, which are discussed below. Porter’s five forces model has been used to discuss these forces. Bargaining Power of Suppliers Google is locally not internationally dominant. Suppliers are different from different sectors. As the competition level is too low right now so the supplier’s bargaining power is less, but still it has to look forward to future where huge search engines can strike the customer base of Google. No of suppliers are huge in each sector thus it makes Google to stand at a stronger position (Siohong, Sean and June, 2008). Microsoft is trying to embedding their search engine tool into their Explorer browser and thus this would increase bargaining power of suppliers. Threat of forward...

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Porter’s Five Forces Model of Nike

Michael Porter has provided a model which identifies the most powerful driving forces within industries or company to run it well. It was created as the framework to analyses the company and then develops strategies for the development of company by these five forces the overall image or position of the company is analyzed economically and physically by profitability and consumers or customers remarks or feedback. It includes: • Threat of new Entrants • Supplier’s Bargaining power • Threat of Substitute products and services • Buyer’s Bargaining Power • Rivalry among existing competitors So Porter’s Five Forces will be applied for the evaluation of NIKE to check the company’s overall position and charm in future. Introduction of Nike The Nike is analyzed by Porter’s Model when it move towards Asia and introduced itself . It was based on two factors according to the Porter’s Model. The company can become the leader by managing its financial cost and operational. By this strategy companies can low their cost. And company can maximize its profit and Nike planned well its strategy to position itself there in ASIA by implementing master cost leadership strategy. By this NIKE earned so much profit by lowering labor cost, direct access to the suppliers and by its low tariff rates. This strategy is implemented by some value ad-ones to the consumer or the buyer. It contains more...

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